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Paul E McAtarsney grew up in Northern Ireland amidst the troubles and hardships of the time. At an early stage in life he realized that what was being sold to the masses by society had many flaws, so he set out on his individual journey of exploration and expansion.

Accomplished in business, hospitality and Information Technology, Paul now focuses on showing others who question the who, what, where and why of life how to find answers and peace.

Paul practices and teaches many forms of healing including, Reiki, Chi Gung, Meditation, EFT, Quantum Touch and is a Spiritual life and Ascension coach.


“Some 30 years ago when I first started on this journey I’d have given anything for a central point of reference that would point me to easily accessible tools of enlightenment, joy, and peace. While the search I embarked on proved invaluable for many reasons; the time has now come for Man to take a quantum step forward in development”   ~  Paul E. McAtarsney

In 2013, Paul wrote a book, “Soul Process ~ Tools for transformation, a journey of love


That is available for purchase in Paul’s online shop.


This book is about providing the reader with a collection of powerful tools that are easy to use and highly practical. There are lots of people selling these tools as either collection or as standalone products. Refer to your powerful intuition in such matters, but there is a plethora of information to be found via the internet and other sources on all forms of healing.


After using the tools in this book, maybe investigate some more; the techniques, the common threads that connect them all. Take it a step deeper and feel what to do next. We are always given just what we require, so if you are reading this book, you are ready to take the next step.


 Remember: lessons cannot be taught. they have to be experienced. Information and knowledge have no power unless they are put into action and it is in the doing that we push our boundaries. It is in the acts of love that we expand and become more. How can I serve others? How can I be more love? These are the ways to grow, to become more. There is a phase for knowing all I can about love and then there is a blossoming into being love. Being love in every moment, feeling, thought, word and deed.



To the left is Paul's book. "Soul Process" It was published in 2013, and can be purchased on Amazon

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